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DUI Attorney Advice on Drunk Driving

Most of us have the erroneous perception that drunk driving is no different than minor traffic violations. Regrettably, this is not the case in drunk driving situations; far from it. Most traffic infractions are classified as civil violations, which result in lower penalties such as a fine and the suspension of the offender’s licence. Meltzer & Bell, P.A., Aventura┬áis an excellent resource for this.
A knowledgeable Nevada DUI lawyer will be able to explain the challenges and concerns surrounding DUI charges, as well as how they may effect you and your family. Because of the seriousness of DUI charges, you should seek the opinion of a qualified Nevada DUI attorney. As a criminal offence, the consequences of a DUI conviction are far more serious than a simple traffic ticket. Legally, this implies that if you are found guilty of such a crime, you could face significant fines and a prison sentence.

With this in mind, legal professionals advise that when facing a DUI criminal charge, one should critically evaluate the following key considerations and concerns.
When you’re being held for a probable DUI offence, remember your basic constitutional rights, the most essential of which is your right to remain silent. If you are stopped by a police officer on suspicion of DUI, it is advised to delay responding to any questions asked by the arresting officer until you can hire a DUI lawyer. Whatever you tell about your current situation could be used as probable cause for your arrest and to justify the administration of a blood alcohol test. It’s also possible to be prosecuted with impaired driving even if your blood alcohol level is below the legal limit.
Keep in mind that the legal basis for your right to counsel may differ depending on the state in which you are charged with DUI. In most places, you may not be able to retain the services of a DUI lawyer until you are about to take a breathalyser test.
The suspension or revocation of your driver’s licence is a distinct administrative sanction that will be imposed on you in addition to the criminal consequences that you will face if you are convicted of a DUI offence. When you are arrested for DUI, your licence is usually taken away. In place of your confiscated licence, you will be given a paper licence. Other states may have more rigorous protocols in place when it comes to DUI arrests. Both your driver’s licence and your vehicle’s licence plate will be confiscated by the police.
Even if you are able to avoid the criminal part of your case, you will still have to deal with administrative sanctions. This implies that even if you are cleared of any criminal culpability in the DUI case filed against you, you can still fight for your privilege to drive a car and appeal the administrative penalty.


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