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Dental & Oral Surgery Practice

Dental & oral surgery is any of several dental procedures which involve mechanically modifying the existing dentition; that is, surgery of both the jaw and teeth. It is one of the major fields of orthopedics and involves the treatment of dental disorders, like periodontitis, gum disease, dental implants, dental bridges, dental root canals etc. It is also concerned with diseases and deformities of the jaws, lips and face, and treating diseases of the maxillofacial region. These surgeons also treat patients who have facial injuries, burns and bone fractures. Premier Choice Dental & Oral Surgery Center – Belgrade is an excellent resource for this.


Most of these graduates are concerned with pediatric dental treatment, as they usually work with children who are suffering from birth defects like underbite, cleft lip/palate or megaphragmatic fracture. On the other hand, dental students who want to specialize in orthodontics are usually concerned with treating adults with dental problems like cavities, impacted wisdom tooth, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and adenomatous polyposis. The dental colleges provide specialized programs in dental surgery and orthodontics. They also conduct advanced training programs in cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, endodontics and pediatric dentistry. The dental colleges offer various types of courses such as dental assistant training, dental recruitment training, and advanced dentistry courses.

Dental & oral surgery practice involves the surgical technique used for treating dental disorders and diseases. It is important for dental practitioners to have a comprehensive understanding of human anatomy to perform successfully dental surgeries. Some of the areas which are frequently treated include maxillofacial surgery, dental implants, gum surgery, maxillofacial pathology, ophthalmology, orthodontics and pediatric surgery. Dental professionals involved in this field have to have a thorough knowledge of oral surgery, periodontics, dentistry, radiology, oral health, mouth surgery, prosthodontics etc. A cross-functional team approach is used by professionals to treat patients effectively.

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